Accident Investigation Techniques.

Duration: 2 dayS
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We are constantly told that “accidents don’t just happen, they are caused”. Yes, they probably are. But it’s important to put it all into perspective – after all, nobody intentionally ends up being wound around the trawl winch. There are always a number of factors that ultimately combine in some way to “cause” the accident. There is never a single accident cause.

As well as injury and death, accidents cost money! We all know that. Vessel owners, operators and crew should therefore commit themselves to reducing the unacceptably high level of accidents / incidents and loss experienced in many sectors of the maritime industry.

We will use the ICAM approach in this workshop. ICAM is based on the Reason Model, and is increasingly becoming the “standard” used in investigating accidents to personnel in other high-risk industries. It provides an easily-followed step-by-step approach to gathering and sorting information, analysis, and the development of recommendations. Whether you’re new to the subject, or just need a refresher, this workshop is a must.

Accident investigation techniques are examined and delegates are given the skills to undertake causal investigations using internationally-accepted investigation frameworks.

This practical workshop explores and describes the key areas of an investigation in detail:

- Accident causation models
- Evidence gathering
- Interviewing techniques
- Analysis of immediate and underlying causes
- Effective recommendations.

A number of real-life investigations will be workshopped.

Designed for maritime professionals and shore management personnel.

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